Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Friday, 24 November 2017

Even The Bad Times Are Good!

I kissed my sons goodbye before they went to school.💋💋
Back to bed to catch up with some much need sleep.
Hubby got me a nice late breakfast...↓
That made me enjoy the Friday Feeling even more!
 Shook out the cobwebs.
Kissed hubby,💋💋
Then off to work he went.
Now to do a bit of moving about....
Breath in and out....
Wiggle toes...
Tap right foot...
Now to enjoy a little bit of Abba....
Had some bits delivered for our new pets we are having tomorrow....
My new computer chair has arrived...
 Now for a little nibble...↓
After some bad times happened this week, I hope it finishes on a good high :)

Thursday, 23 November 2017

My Hero Using His Warm Hands!

I had a chance to rest the voice battery.
Joined the quiet club today.
It was time for 1970's music...
Reached for those big crochet hooks..
We had a little romantic encounter
 over the kitchen sink💓💗💖💟
Me on one foot.
While hubby washed my hair.
Then Enrique Iglesias was singing "Hero" was playing on the radio......
Later on, I had some serious bad pains in my left leg....
Phones 111.
Had to go down to A&E at 1am in the morning...
Getting out of the house in the dark and cold was an experience...
Finally made it...
Now to sit and wait..↓
 We waited about 3 and half hours
 Saw the doctor for five minutes....
"Keep taking the painkillers....." I was told.
That was that ;/
back home for 5am.
Now for some much needed sleep zzzz

Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Time To Play With The Air Guitar.....

Welcome to my Hump of the Week,
I actually had a tiny bit of a lie-in this morning.
Wearing less in bed, and not have too many blankets might be the answer! 
It was form filling day.
 Good job I know my full name, date of birth and my N.I number!
Going to keep the Government Departments busy for weeks with all those forms.
I had the Rock and Roll station on......via my Amazon Echo
Out came the air guitar...
My kids came back from school.
I showed them my playing of my air guitar along to
No clapping from them.. :(
(So ungrateful, I had practiced all afternoon!!)
Just to rub it in, 
For the final time, it had to come out while they were eating tea!
Felt so much better....
At least the Gerbils and Hamster enjoyed my effort! 

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Doing What I Am Good At!

As normal I had to use the wheels bit early in the morning...♿
As it was #WorldHelloDay
I did say hello to six people today..:)
I had a good friend for lunch today.
Sandwiches made↓
 Even I got the cups ready↓
 Had a early coffee with some vitamin C
 The Postman was shocked to see me in a wheelchair , and my left leg in plaster. When I answered the door.
 He thought I had accident doing my 🍭 job.
At least I am going to smell nice for future visitors....
My friend arrived with flowers 💮💮 
We had a good yak for over 4 hours.
(Getting very good at this yakking lark!)
Had a break for lunch.
One of my friends visited a good place to go to do some Christmas Shopping 🎄🎅
 Merry Hill Shopping Centre...↑
At the moment, my view of the outside is:
Now to charge up the mouth battery before hubby gets back from work...
As I'm sure my hubby can't wait to be told of how my day went.....😉 


Monday, 20 November 2017

"Thank You, Come Again!"

Welcome to my Monday Feeling..
The inside of my house was looking like a new pin.
Stocked up on coffee...
Filled up the kettle.
Roll on for the visits of friends...
My first friend came round.
Yak,yak, yak.
Over 2 hours....
She did get a word in a few times...
I thanked her for coming...
"Thank you, come again" I said.
Another friend came round to find my house, as she is coming tomorrow for coffee and chat.
My final visitor came.
He brought me some lovely flowers 💮💮
Yak, yak,yak.
I said to him.
"You know where I am if you want a clack!"
"Thank you, Come Again"
Someone was picking up the television for repair...
My view of waiting...
One of my friends was enjoying a Webbs Experience....⛾
 I hopefully will be back on that experience in February 2018.
Now to put the mouth battery on charge for tomorrow.....



Sunday, 19 November 2017

The Only Pleasure I Have....Gone!

No such thing as a lie-in for me.
However I started off with a healthy nibble.
Followed by:
While I was carrying on with my crochet,
Hubby went shopping.
He bought back a lovely chocolate orange flavoured coffee...
I enjoyed two sips of it,
When one of sons kicked the stool where the coffee was:
Oh dear, none left!
Let's hope I don't have any more accidents this week!

Saturday, 18 November 2017

Squeezing In The Snuggles

I had a visit from a Doctor at 2am to give me injection again DVT.
After feeling terrible for half of the morning.
I had something to make me feel better..↓
(Bacon & Black Pudding Sandwich)
Back to writing the book..↓
 Instead of hand on my heart,
My foot goes there instead!!
Some nice coffee...
We had a delivery of a big fruit and vegetable box.↓
 Had some nice Indian food↓
Put my foot up to carry on with the season 3 of Star Trek - The Next Generation..
Just about managed to snuggle hubby on a single bed, with a concrete foot up on a cushion...😀