Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Sunday, 21 May 2017

Funday Sunday In the Sunshine!

The sun came out on this Sunday,
We popped into a Sunday Funday event hosted by Ryce at the Reddi-Centre.
Our kids enjoyed dressing up as Policemen.
I won two things on the raffle.
Made the most of the sunshine even more.
A little bit of gardening....
A little bit of pruning, pulling up of the weeds,  and mowing of the lawn.
 Now to enjoy the freshly cut lawn!
Plenty of relaxation as I have another job interview tomorrow...
Roll on Monday and back on the wobbly work wheel....

Saturday, 20 May 2017

Stand Back, Big Kids Playing!

Welcome to a cloudy, wet, Saturday.
We went to a Fun Day hosted by my hubby's employers.
It was held at Ragley Hall in Alcester.
Lots of activites for big kids and little kids...
(Hubby jumping on theTrampoline)
There was a very good magician doing breath taking tricks....
 (the playing card appeared in the back of the mobile phone, my son  had in his pocket!)
Everyone had a go on the Segway apart from me.....
(I like to have four wheels  under me!)
Still had time for more monkey business before we left! 

Friday, 19 May 2017

Getting The First One Over With

Lots of Friday Feeling being felt here...
The rain was back once more:(
So out came the wellies again..
I went for my first Job interview.
I kept my interviewer talking for over 45 minutes...
I will find out next week if I have got the job!
(I have another 3 job interviews next week)
As the sun was out for the final shift of Job 1.
 I thought I might be lucky with no rain....
No chance!
30 minutes of rain lashing down!
Now to dry out over the weekend...

Thursday, 18 May 2017

Getting Ready For The Big Day!

We had a nice break from the rain....
The big big sunglasses returned.
 Got my 1st job interview tomorrow
(of 4 job interviews I have coming up)
I had to get the paperwork sorted,
My interview clothes sorted,
Red hat sorted,
 my High Heels sorted,
 I really hope I won't need another red accessory to use tomorrow....☂


Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Soggy Bottom

Welcome to my soggy Hump of the Week!
If I thought the weather could get any worst,
I was wrong!!!
Soaked through during 1st part of Job 1
(Had soggy soaks at the end)
Off to Hospital for more taking of the heavy rain...
Trying not to sing...
Blood test time.
Veins wasn't being tight this time.
I have now 4 job interviews
 between Friday of this week and Friday of next week. 
(Waiting to hear on 2 more jobs)
More Heavy rain for second shift of Job 1
Green wellies are needed.
I'm so wet & soggy,
Be travelling by boat soon...

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

More Mime Than Sing!

More punishment today for singing on Sunday and a bit yesterday.
Soon as I left the house, 
The sun was poking through the clouds...
(Sunglasses time perhaps?)
 Half an hour into Job 1,
It poured down.......great :(
The day didn't get any better
Dentist visit - £20.60
The troublesome tooth that is causing me to have sleepless nights
Has got to come out in the next two weeks!
Antibiotics from Chemist - £8.60
One great song came on in the Sexy Beast...
I tried to resist not to sing....
But failed :(
Those dark rain clouds appeared.
Guess who got soaked doing Job 1 again..?
 Best to start to mime than sing in future!



Monday, 15 May 2017

Counting My Lucky Stars

Back on the wobbly work wheel.
Oh dear, all that good singing of mine yesterday,🎶♬♫
Has put paid to the good weather.....
(The song I was singing along very loud to,
 is the video at the bottom)
Got soaked while doing Job 1
Sexy Beast went into the garage...
He came out fixed!
I have some job interviews to look forward to in the next fortnight....\o/
Someone was using those sharp teeth! 
(Chomp Chomp)
My lovely Nutmeg the Gerbil
Now to clean my teeth for tomorrow....