Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Wednesday, 18 April 2018

One Tassel Or Two?

Welcome to the Hump of the Week!
Opened the curtains in hope of gathering the sun's rays.....
None yet...
Nibbles time...
Followed by putting 2 washing machine loads on the line.
 (Where is the sun?)
 Apple blossom...
Nip and Tucked the Blog.
Had a delivery of Haberdashery...
So many things I can do with Tassels.....
 I now feel the sun's rays...🌞
 Time to put on the πŸ‘™
I didn't even hear a knock when it was pushed through the letterbox..
I did a quick chop chop tonight...
Stir Fry 
Now to soak up more sunshine...



Tuesday, 17 April 2018

For The Whipped Or Not?

I was up early as I was going to enjoy some coffee and chat..out of the house \o/
I had a nibble before I went out...
 No heatwave  just yet :(
Had to put away the big sunglasses
 Onwards & Up ↗↗↗ wards to...
Enjoy my Dunelm Experience..
(Kenny would get so jealous!)
 I was asked if I would like whipped cream?"
"Oh yes, I miss having whipped cream on everything ;)"
 Got some bargains in Lidl as well.
Back to my friend's for lunch...
 Cheese,tomato,sweetcorn, onion, on toast.
With sprinkled oregano on the top.
I even tried Asian Tea for the first time.
So so lovely :)
I said goodbye and thank you to my friend and her family for having me.
Waved goodbye to Dunelm...
 It was all downhill on the way home ↘↘↘
I had a night off from chop chop.
It was time to put up the left foot,
and watch a bit of telly...
I have the bikini, sun hat and sun cream all ready for the mini-heatwave tomorrow... 


Monday, 16 April 2018

Having A Problem Sucking...

Monday's back like a itchy rash.
(Scratch it,it disappears,then comes back a week later...) 
I lay in bed waiting for the alarm clock to go off πŸ••
(As my frozen shoulder was being painful) 
Once everyone had left the house with a πŸ’‹
from me. 
 It was Coffee & nibbles time↑↑
Henry had a problem sucking...
Change of his bag..
He now was a Happy sucker....
Sorted out items we are selling on our stall in July..↓↓↓
Got another toy to play with now↓↓
As the sun was out...🌞
The washing was put out on the line.
It may be warm...
*Still need some more warmth*↓↓↓
Needed to use my sewing box..↓↓
2 buttons sewn on ↑↑
Now for chop chop...
Chicken with Mushrooms.. 
 Served with noodles 🍴↓
Catching up with our favourite Judge.
 Bye Bye Monday.....


Sunday, 15 April 2018

Staying Alive

I didn't have a very good night again.
(Due to frozen shoulder again)
I went downstairs to have a cup of tea. 
 Coffee & toast followed..
Wrote out the shopping list
 After I went back to bed.
Hubby did the food shopping.
Then we went to do some CPR & Difib training run by Maggie & Rob & their

 Hubby, I, and our kids then practiced CPR and using the defibs.
We will be getting a certificate in a few days time. :)
Back home to sort things out for school.
We did some chop chop.
Green Pesto, Asparagus & Bacon Tart for tea tonight  
 On the plate.
Early night for all of us...
As back to the alarm clock going off earlyπŸ••


Saturday, 14 April 2018

Road Trip In The Sunshine!

I had another night of tossing & turning.
Due to my left frozen shoulder. 
I put the radio on to listen to
"Sound of the 60's".
I caught bits inbetween Zzzzzz
Later on I got a tip for a horse for the Grand National.
I put a bet on before going out for a ride. 
 Big big sunglasses on.. 
 First stop was Droitwich...
Got loads of bargains from the charity shops.
Quick coffee break↓↓
The sunshine was lovely
Back on the road we go...
 We stopped in Alcester.
 Visited more charity shops
 Nice car parked up..↑↑
Using my reuseable coffee cup 
Gets back home to unpack the bargains↓↓
Quick coffee
I later find out my horse comes first in the Grand National!!!
It's going on the shopping bill tomorrow..
Sun is shining..
We comes out of Morrisons...
The sun is going down ↓↓↓
Hubby has just enough time to mow the lawn
(as it going to rain tomorrow :()
I make a nice easy tea.
Beef,Ginger and Spring Onion Noodles
After doing lots of walking today,
(My lower back was hurting like hell)
and hubby recovering from last night's kick boxing.
(His lower back was also hurting) 
We took it turns to massage those offending parts...
Warm hands need only apply!